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Learn German and experience music in Vienna

5 reasons to visit the world capital of music in 2020

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven would have celebrated his 250th birthday in 2020. That is a good reason for Austria to honour the exceptionally talented artist. Vienna was not only the location of most of his premieres, but also the place of his creativity. Therefore 2020 in Vienna will be full of musical highlights you don’t want to miss out on. That is why it is the perfect year to visit Vienna, the capital of music.

Here are the top 5 musical things to experience during your 2020 trip to Vienna:

1. Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday

Hundreds of events are planned for the 2020 anniversary year of the unforgettable composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who chose to live and work in Vienna. There are going to be recitals of his most famous symphonies and talks about his life and career. As a fan of classical music, visiting Vienna is a must in 2020. But aside from Viennese Classicism enthusiasts, all music lovers will have their fair share of musical fun in Vienna. Many great pieces of Viennese Classicism are going to get a modern interpretation. You can find the whole schedule here.

2. The Vienna State Opera

There are few things in the world that everybody should see at least once in their lifetime. One of those things is the Vienna State Opera, located in the heart of Vienna’s old town. Tourists fly in from every country on the planet just to see the magnificent building and listen to an ensemble make those historic walls come alive. Many might know the State Opera thanks to the annual “Opernball”, where international superstars gather. Sophia Loren, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Brooke Shields are just a few of the Hollywood celebrities who already attended the famous ball in Vienna.

3. Musical lessons at the Vienna Conservatory

Another famous place in Vienna, regarding arts and music, is the Vienna Conservatory. Only the best artists get a chance to perfect their skills here. The instrumental and vocal courses, which can be studied either as an Artistic or a Pedagogical Diploma, are highly respected internationally as a leading educational centre for music studies. More than 600 students from all over the world study at the Vienna Conservatory.

The ActiLingua Special Course „German and Music“ is your unique chance to not only learn German in Vienna but to take instrumental or vocal lessons at the Conservatory as well. After successfully completing the course you will get a worldwide acknowledged certificate. More information about our Special Course “German and Music” can be found here.

4. Mozarthaus Vienna

Ludwig van Beethoven is not the only great composer who used to live in Vienna. There are many more, like Brahms, Schubert or Mozart who shall not be forgotten. Especially fans of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will find that Vienna has more than just the famous sweets called “Mozartkugeln”. In fact there is something way more interesting about Mozart located in the capital of music, Vienna: the Mozarthaus, the building where the world-famous composer used to live. Mozart’s former apartment was turned into a museum where fans can get the most authentic Mozart experience. The four-bedroom apartment was home to Wolfgang Amadeus and his family from 1784 to 1787 and was also the birthplace to some of his masterpieces. Today many concerts are held in the Mozarthaus – attending one of those is an unforgettable experience.

5. Vienna’s beautiful Opera- and Concerthouses

If you had to mention every musical highlight in Vienna this list would go on forever. But when you are walking the streets of Vienna it is obvious that one concerthouse is followed by another and the Vienna State Opera is not the only marvellous opera in Vienna. Every evening about 10.000 people listen to classical live music in one of these houses. For those people that want to see more than they want to hear, there are many museums about the musical history of Vienna.

Vienna is also well known for its amazing open-air-concerts, which are followed by millions around the globe and excite an international audience every year. There is The New Year’s Concert and the Summer Night Concert by The Vienna Philharmonics, both take place in the breathtaking Schloss Schönbrunn.

All in all, one thing is for sure: Vienna, the world’s capital of music is and will always be a big point on every music fan’s bucketlist. If you cannot make it in 2020 for Beethoven’s 250th birthday then you don’t have to be sad, Vienna’s music scene is not going to get less exciting in the upcoming years. Countless composers and artists have made Vienna their home in the past. And still many musical talents choose a life in the city of music, for example operasingers Anna Netrebko, Elīna Garanča and Juan Diego Flórez.